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Fairytale Countries
Baltic States
For fairyland skylines of medieval fortresses and churches, it's hard to beat any of the capitals of the Baltic States.
Tallinn: View of old town

Quaint medieval cities, chocolate and beer? And the two countries of Flanders and Wallonia within one border. Belgium is as elusive as it is familiar, with one foot in the north of Europe and the other in the South.
Belgium: Ghent St. Nicholas Church

Future Past
Poland has quickly emerged through the iron curtain of the cold war, and is becoming a power to be reckoned with in Europe.
Poland: Rynek Glowny in Kraków by night

European Travel Comission
Europe Tourism Board
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Europe: Living Museum

Travelling through Europe is a journey through history, with beautifully preserved medieval towns and cities scattered throughout the continent. From the Mediterranean to the Barents Sea, there's also a wide variety of landscapes, with high mountains and green valeys. Inhabiting this land are a mixture of over 30 nationalities. With a cultural sphere of influence which extends around the globe, most visitors will find Europe both familiar and foreign at the same time.
Belgium: Brugge


Split: Seafront at dusk Balkans: South by Southeast

The Balkans is taking a big leap into the tourism arena again. It's rich history, dramatic nature of mountains and coastal sandy beaches, as well as its delightful cuisine, begs to be explored by the intrepid traveller. Check out charming Ljubljana, cruise the beautiful beaches and stunning coastal cities of Dalmatia, head up to Mostar and its famous bridge, before finishing off with a great party in Belgrade. Being a perfectly safe place to travel, there's no excuse not to visit this enchanted part of the world.

Turkey: East Meets West

At the crossroads between east and west, Turkey has always been a battleground between forces from all directions. Besides Russia, it's the only country two have both Asian and European territory. It's culture is diverse, containing flavours from Central Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It's this diversity, along with the natural and historical diversity of the country, that makes it such a popular place with travelers.
Turkey: Istanbul Ortakoy Mosque Bosphorus Bridge

Norway: Nærøyfjord Gudvangen Norway: Way to the North

Norway sits on the top of Europe, and is marked by a wild and majestic nature. The fjords of the west coast (the narrow inlets that cut through mountains as tall as 1000 meters) are breathtaking. The islands of the north, with mountains rising straight out of the ocean, also offer some experiences to be remembered. Although its cities are not the biggest in size, most have charming areas of old wooden houses on offer. Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but most tourists would agree that it is well worth the visit.

Moscow: Perestroika Power

The sheer size of Moscow can be daunting, to say the least. It outnumbers all other cities in Europe by far, not only by its number of inhabitants but also by distances. Most attractions are inside the 'Garden Ring', including the Kremlin. Together with its Red Square and the Lenin Mausoleum it is one of the most recognizable sights in the world, bringing back memories of both the Cold War and perestroika. This should be the start of any visit to the city.
Moscow: Kremlin by night

Valletta: Old town. Malta: Mediterranean Crossroads

If one were to sum up the Mediterranean, Malta would be the answer. Its language mixes Arabic and Italian, which is also reflected in its culture and cuisine. The history of the islands is almost as old as time itself, and its capital Valetta is even known as 'one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world'. The area of this island nation is just 316 km², consisting of the three charming islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino. If history gets to you, there are also plenty of beaches made for relaxing.

La Belle Pays
France epitomizes what many associate with style and elegance, with a key word being chic.
France: Paris Notre Dame

Other Destinations
Copenhagen's charming streets surrounded by century old buildings as well as its canals provide for a cozy backdrop
Baltic States
For fairyland skylines of medieval fortresses and churches, it's hard to beat any of the capitals of the Baltic States.
The cidade das sete colinas (city of the seven hills - nickname for Lisbon) is one of the most picturesque capitals of Europe.
The 'Mediterranean As It Once Was', as Croatia is sometimes branded, is quickly being discovered by European summer vacationers.

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